Can you schedule?

Can you schedule?

What is it?

'Can you schedule?' is a scheduling game that will challenge you to schedule a simple plant represented by a series of connected tasks. Are you smart enough to balance the flow of material, the utilisation of resources and still meet the deliveries and turn a profit?

You will have a fixed time to deliver all the demands whilst at the same time keep spending within limits and meet the daily or weekly cost of running the plant. In some of the models you can sell whatever you make, in others you have to deliver by a specified date and there are penalties for delivering late.

CYS objectives

Tutorial included

Run the tutorial to get a feel for how the game works as many times as you like.
Then solve the scheduling problems represented in the different models.
Can you stay in control? Can you delivery on time and on budget?

CYS tutorial

The tutorial provides a guided introduction on the mechanics of the game.

Try different production styles

In addition to the tutorial the game includes models that illustrate these other production styles:

  • Assembly
  • Kanban
  • V-Plant

The video clip shows part of a validation run of the V-Plant model. It is executing a section from the middle of day 3 to the end of day 4.

In game options

As well as the unlimited plays of the tutorial there are ten plays of the other models included, when these are used up bundles of fifty plays can be purchased for a very small fee, alternatively there is an option to purchase unlimited plays.

If you achieve a score that you are particularly pleased with you can post it to your Facebook page and / or the Can You Schedule High scores page. Note that there is a small one-time fee to activate this facility.

As well as the models for assembly, Kanban and V-Plant style production, a more complex assembly model that offers a bigger challenge is offered as a purchase option.

Versions available for Windows 8.1 and Windows 7

The version available from the Windows Store is optimised for touch and will run on any Windows 8.1 platform including the ARM based tablets such as the Surface, Surface 2 and Nokia 2520 as well as Intel based equipment.

It is intended that there will be a version for Windows 7 is designed to be used with a mouse rather than touch which will be downloadable from this web site

Link to the Windows App Store

(Requires Windows 8.1 or Windows 10)

The link to the app in the Windows Store

The Privacy Policy related to the app is here.

Latest Release

Now at release 6. There are more details on the new features on the Facebook page.

Age Certification

There are no adult themes or content in the game and therefore the lowest certification can be applied. However the logic required to solve the simulations means the game may not be appropriate for younger players. The game also offers options for in app purchase.

PEGI Certificate PEGI purchase icon

Status of the version for Windows 7

Currently on hold due to withdrawal of licensing service by supplier.

Follow the Facebook page to get updates on this situation.

Want to learn more

The following consultancy and training organisations offer courses in supply chain management and / or production planning and scheduling which use a variant of the same game to illustrate the challenges posed by different types of production.

  • Your consultancy here
  • Your consultancy here

If you are a consultancy organisation and want to find out more about the academic version of the game, look here

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